Sunday, February 3, 2013

My baby is one!

I can't believe my baby is a year old already.

As is common in our family, Paul had to work on his birthday (today) so we celebrated a day early.

Seriously, I can't stop loving and squishing this boy. He has certainly been the most demanding of our children, but there is something irresistible about him. He is far more snuggly than the girls were, and he is a complete mamma's boy.

Long video, but I have to include it...he's just too cute :)

He quickly downed 6 mini red velvet cupcakes. No one can deny his ability to eat!
And this was taken this morning before church this morning. He loves crawling everywhere, climbing up the stairs, and walking around every piece of furniture he can reach. He loves to play with his sisters and chase them around the house. And they are excellent with him - they truly enjoy playing with him. The three of them can often be found in the playroom creating their own little world together. Those are some of my happiest moments as a mother, when I see my children being each others' best friends.
Happy birthday Niels!


Cox Family said...

I seriously cannot believe he is already one year old! Time flies. He is so cute and looks like a sweet little boy. My boys have all definitely been more of a momma child then Lillie, I love having boys.

Nancy and Spencer said...

You should enter him in a cupcake eating contest. He'd win 1st prize!
Your littles are so sweet Mel. :-)