Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christmas in Virigina

Every time I look at a map of the US, I am still surprised by how far east Wisconsin is. We are only 15 hours from New York City, 12 hours from Washington DC, and 15 hours from Williamsburg, VA. So when all of Paul's other siblings decided to visit his sister who lives there, we joined in the craziness and headed east. Gratefully, roads were good since we left after the storms hit, and we took a southern route through Louisville, KY. 

The week was full of all sorts of fun...Christmas Eve we went to the Yankee Candle store so the girls could sit on Santa's lap.
Later that evening we went to colonial Williamsburg where they have this awesome celebration as they light up the Christmas tree.


 We were all given candles which the kids loved...especially since the mild wind would occasionally blow them out. They loved helping light their cousins' candles and sharing the fire.

Uncle Michael read everyone a Christmas book or two.

My mother in law made these little elf dolls for everyone to open on Christmas Eve. My girls love them.

 With the children nestle in their beds, the adults had a party of their own...a root beer party. I don't know why, but Iversons are obsessed with root beer, calling it the celestial drink. We all brought some fancy root beers from around the country and battled out which was best.

Milwaukee's own Sprecher was in the top 3, along with Abida, and another one I can't remember. Paul is glad we live in a place were when can buy Sprecher at Costco :)

Christmas morning...

The great thing about being at someone else's house for Christmas is that there are more toys for my kids to play with, but we don't have to bring them all home!
And Erika's kids got a bounce house, which was the highlight of the rest of the vacation.
Aaron and Tandy made their kids a rabbit cage, which Nora loved and guarded.

The rest of the trip was spent having fun with cousins. The girls always ask when we are going back to Virigina.
Baby Graham!
Little Daniel explores the fridge...
 And no visit to Williamsburg is complete without visiting Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg


And Erika's fam has an awesome New Year's tradition...where aliens come and decorate the tree with underwear and socks!

Thanks, Erika and company for an awesome visit!


LadyCarma said...

Cute post. Did you know Woolstenhulme towne is not very far away from Williamburg? It was the first settlement, pre-dating other first settlements on American soil, but unfortunately, the Indians burned it to the ground, killed all the English immigrants and it became lost until 1979, when it was unearthed and the story told. Neat place to visit besides Williamsburg.

Cox Family said...

That root beer contest sounds awesome. I would have loved to join in that. What a fun Christmas!