Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sick little boy

Poor little Niels has a head cold...nothing serious but he is a constant snot factory and has been far more snuggly than usual. The other day I was trying to keep him awake for 2 hours before putting him down for a nap so that he would hopefully nap longer. Instead, Hattie came running to me saying that Niels had fallen asleep on the office floor. Poor little guy...and this from the boy who refuses to sleep anywhere but in his crib.

He also managed to fall asleep in Paul's arms at church (which he hasn't done in probably 8 months) and on his chest the other night. Although it's sweet he is giving such great snuggles, I hope he feels better soon!

On another Niels related note, I finally made a baby bumper for him. Yes, his birthday is next month. But he was in the pack and play for the first 4 months in Lubbock, then we were moving/travelling for 2 months, then when we finally got to Wisconsin in July and he was 6 months old, making a boy baby bumper was the last thing on my list of things to do. I would have just bought one, but my sister in law Julia showed me this easy tutorial and I figured it was easy enough and that I would like it more in the end. So the girly, flowery, pink bumper is now in storage. Next on my list: buy a brown sheet so that the pink polka dot one can join the bumper in storage.

One question...should I paint his room now? If so, what color??


Kristina said...

his birthday is NEXT MONTH????? mind. blown.

kerri said...

Cute bumper! Maybe paint the room a nice tan, like the color of one of the islands on the fabric? Did you make a curtain to match?