Saturday, January 5, 2013

Quilting, again

2012 marked the sixth year that I made a quilt for one of my siblings for Christmas. And it's also the last year. I need a break. Although I love making them every year, it gets hard and harder to give them away! I am ready to make one for my family has been too many years!


LadyCarma said...

Very beautiful work, Melanie. I can see why you don't want to give them away. They are priceless!

Cox Family said...

Before you quit could you just pretend I'm one of your siblings for next Christmas?

The Beers said...

Beautiful! My aunt is making quilts for everyone and I LOVE it!! Such a wonderful gift that is so sentimental and gets neater with each generation that passes. We still have ones my great grandmother made that are nearing 100 years old! She never bet her hobby and quilting out of necessity from old worn clothing would bring such joy to her posterity :) You have a wonderful talent there!!