Wednesday, March 6, 2013

If you send Paul to Wal-Mart

If you send Paul to Wal-Mart to pick up some pictures, he'll walk past the bananas. Thinking of Niels, he'll gets some.

While in produce he'll see the guacamole. Seeing the guacamole, he will think of chips.

When he sees the chips, they will remind him of white salsa con queso dip. He'll probably grab some. 

After wandering to the chip aisle, he'll spot some Oreos..."For the girls," he'll justify.

Being halfway into the store, he will figure he might as well go all the way to the back to get some yogurt. 

On the way, he'll see some bay leaves...and some fennel seeds too. 

When he picks up the fennel, he'll see a crazy Wal-Mart shopper that he should take a picture of. 

Thinking of pictures will remind him of his original assignment. 

And chances are, when he leaves the stores, he'll won't get celery, which we actually needed.


The Beers said...

Lol! Gotta love WalMart...the perfect place for the schizophrenic shopper in all of us ;)

Tena said...

That is funny. I send my husband to got more fruit and he will come back with one apple and a soda. He is a funny guy.

Steven and Erika said...

Hehehe...very creative and fun post to read andSO PAUL! Haha!

Kurt and Kristy said...

Haha! My husband is the same way!

Marcee said...


Elise said...

LOL. You are clever. And I think you've found a new series of short stories for women. :)

Laura Bernard said...

Very creative post! We all may have to copy you! At least he remembered the photos!