Friday, March 1, 2013

Inspired by creativity

As I've tried recently to keep this blog up-to-date, I've endeavored also to be more diligent in reading my friends' blogs...heck, if I want more comments, I'd better give 'em out myself. In so doing, I rediscovered that some of my friends have awesome blogs.

There is Elise, who, as a mother of four in Carlsbad, NM, has the funniest stories about motherhood, Kristina in Lubbock, TX, who finds humor in everything, Miranda in Austin, TX, whose writing brings me back to days with her on the mission and in Provo, and Wendy in Washington DC, whose stellar wit and vocabulary always leave me searching for a dictionary. These women are all amazing writers. I feel like I'm right there with them through it all, and it makes me miss these dear friends very much (sigh). 

Now I'm not one who constantly compares myself to others. Trust me, it is damaging to everyone. But reading their blogs did make me wonder - does anyone read my blog for the fun of it? Do they keep reading old posts from a year or two ago just because they are so awesomely written? Or is my blog purely informative on our rather mundane life? 

I'm not an incredibly gifted writer. During my first semester at BYU the only thing I knew about my undecided major was that it would NOT be writing-intensive. Oh the irony. After four years of whipping out critical analyses week after week, I think I started to develop the talent - a five page paper got to be a breeze. But that was 7 years ago. Whatever writing skills I developed seem to have dwindled. Gosh, even writing by hand for too long makes my hand cramp up. 

So what does this all sum up to? My attempt to add some spice to the blog...more stories, less travel-log. More musings, less information. Hopefully I won't look back on this post in 6 months and roll my eyes at my failed commitment. But at least it's a start.


Elise said...

Melanie! _I_ read your blog! I have actually been out of blogging and so have just been catching up. I will read and comment--promise. I really miss you! Was thinking about you the other day. :(

Cox Family said...

I read your blog all the time. I always feel like I need to write something witty and creative so I don't comment much. It's so fun to see what you guys are up to in Wisconsin and how your kids are growing. We miss you! Everyone is moving away, there's not many of us "originals" left here so it's good that we can keep in touch.

Kristina said...

well i think diligent blogging is pretty fantastic. i'm touched you included me in the blogroll of fun blogs, but looking at my current track record i am rather pathetic! i like that i know whats going on in your life with you so far away!