Tuesday, June 4, 2013

April came and went so fast

I feel like I play catch-up on here way too often. But I guess that means that if I'm not spending time blogging, I'm spending more time with my kids. Ha. If only that were true. 

Besides being remarkably cold, April was a good month. On April 30th, the Wisconsin wilderness was still gray, dead, and barren. Suddenly in May it came back to life. I don't think I've ever enjoyed or anticipated the coming of spring as much as this year, after 6 months of winter.

 We went to the Milwaukee Art Museum, which is spectacular. Will go back soon without kids.
 And I made loads of freezer jam.
 April also brought 3 cavities to Hattie. She was a trooper, but couldn't quite get used to being numb.
 I made bacon-wrapped meatloaf and made everyone happy.
And to end the month I went to Arizona. Alone. Without any kids. Yes, there were three precious nieces and nephews there, but these babies were a welcome break. My four sisters, my mom, and I rented a house for the weekend and simply enjoyed being together. We really did nothing besides eat, talk, and swim at the pool. A much needed getaway. Which we will need to repeat more often.
Phoebe and Jared are only 1 day apart...
...And little Lily is about two months younger than P & J.

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Steven and Erika said...

bacon wrapped anything is good...why not meatloaf? haha...heart attack waiting to happen but I bet it was good!