Friday, January 18, 2008

The countdown

In 9 days our future is determined. In 9 days is "match day" in Texas. I'm pretty darn anxious and nervous. We will be matched with the school that best fits us. If we're lucky, UT Southwestern in Dallas (who we put as our #1 choice) will have ranked us high, in comparison with other med school applicants. If not, we're in at Texas Tech in Lubbock (where we already have a definite "yes"), which is certainly a good alternative. It's all up to a computer to determine our future. I'll be waking up at 12:01 pm on February 1st to find out where we'll be moving!!! If you know me very well, you know that I like to plan things well and have a good idea about the future. So knowing that we'll know in 9 days is big...You can be sure we'll be blogging on February 1st!


Laura Bernard said...

Best of luck!! Hope it works out for you! To answer your question, yes, we still have our storage unit. And as Aaron is taking the new job--if I haven't told you anything about this, call or email--we may end up moving again before long. So we may just keep it! Arg!

We'll be late checking your blog on the first as we'll be in Florida for a wedding. Aaron and I are going sans kiddos! We're pretty excited . . . but we're going to miss the little guys. The others will recover easy, but I'm sad about those tooters.

Anyway, love to you!

Jared and Miranda said...

thanks for the comment, Mel. I enjoyed lunch too, albiet short, (sorry!) The party was a hit though... he only realized something was up within the last seconds when coming up the stairs and noticing the lits turn low and the blinds shut tight. oh well. It was nearly a perfect surprise. :) And that salad you were eating looked tastey? greens, lemon and tuna?? ahhhh chile.