Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome the New Year

I suppose it's time I catch up a bit...the holidays seem to slow everything down a bit. We got to spend 6 days up in Ontario with my side of the family, and gratefully didn't have horrible roads. I must say I felt spoiled by Mom's wonderful cooking and many willing hands to hold Hattie. It seems like some days my interaction with her consisted of nursing! And even now, back in Spanish Fork, Paul has stayed home the last few days, so I'm still spoiled by splitting the daytime responsibilities with him.

Christmas was great...we were still able to fit in a bit of caroling with Val, Lisa, and Natali, and of course get some quality time with nieces and nephews. It was a white Christmas after all.

Other developments: Hattie has starting sucking her thumb pretty consistently! I think it's adorable and now she needs the pacifier less.

Another accomplishment of December was that I finished another quilt, one that I started in July as a Christmas gift for Mark and Kerri. Of course it was pretty slow going with being very pregnant and then having a newborn, so it's a good thing I started early! I finished the binding on Christmas Eve :) Here are some pictures of when we quilted it....Paul actually did ALL of the quilting...I just watched to make sure the bobbin didn't break. Paul's aunt has a machine quilter, and I've tried to explain how it works to some of you before, but always unsuccessfully....so check it out. He just had to keep the stylus in the grove, and the needle created a nice pattern for us.

We also went out for our anniversary, and got our first babysitter. It was a success, especially since Hattie is getting much easier to take care of.

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Laura Bernard said...

Yea! A thumb sucker! They are the best! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Even with Grace sucking at four, I love suckers!

Beautiful quilt. That is amazing. That machine takes up a whole room!

Glad your Christmas was so great. Sad we missed you! We are trying to figure out if we can come visit Ontario some time before July. Our kids ask all the time, "When are we going to Grandmas house?" If we come, I hope you'll be able to come up! We'll keep you posted.