Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Already 5 months

Hattie turned 5 months old today! And just as I was getting out the camera to document how old she's getting, she rolled over for the first time unassisted! Of course I tried to capture it on camera, but failed desperately. She sure looked cute, so I included it anyway! She successfully rolled over 4 times though.

Other progress...she has started to fall asleep by herself...no pacifiers at night anymore! So we are feeling pretty good. We also just moved her bed from the family room into the bathroom. Yes, that's right, the bathroom. We only have one bedroom, so she's been sleeping in the front room for the past for months because I can't sleep with her in the room with us. When she napped, I put her down on our bed so that I could do stuff in the kitchen and such. But now that she's rolling over, sleeping on the bed is not so safe. But we don't want her to be in the front room to sleep because then we are sequestered to our bedroom at 8:00 at night (as well as during nap time). So, gratefully we have a large closet in our bathroom that is just big enough for her crib. What will she think when she's 16 and we tell her that for the first year of her life she slept in the family room/kitchen, and then upgraded to the bathroom??


Heather said...

No worries. Shannon slept in a bassinet in our closet until she was eight months old. You do what you've gotta do.

LadyCarma said...

Guests staying at our house with a baby can put them to sleep in the portacrib in the closet in the bedroom. The crib fits and it sure makes it easy for mom/dad to use the room because the real door closes and shuts out sound and light. My guests have always loved that feature of the room. I don't think babies realize where they are sleeping until they get age two or so. It is good that you have an option.

Laura Bernard said...

She's a doll!! James slept in the bathtub once at Andrea's. I'm sure she'll only laugh about it!

Keep us updated on the piano!

Karli said...

so cute! her smile is precious! and, way to go for rolling over...i bet five months has gone fast, huh?

great job without the pacifier too. we can't get gray to take one yet. he prefers his hands...when he can find them! last night i let him cry it out until he fell asleep. i laid in his room on the floor and cried with him. so hard. hopefully he'll catch on quickly. any advice would be great! (:

love you!

Melony and Todd said...


That is too funny. She is too cute. I am seriously so excited to see her this July. So, you are moving in 5 months. That is so exciting. Have you found a place to live yet?

Steven and Erika Mannewitz said...

That is a great smile! She is so fun and cute! Can you believe we are going to have 4 grandkids at home this christmas...talk about a housefull!