Thursday, February 14, 2008

Enjoy the long weekend

We certainly will...we are leaving tonight at 10:30 (yes, that's p.m.) to drive up to Preston, Idaho for the Iverson Family SnowFest. Hattie will meet her great-grandparents and many second cousins and many of her dad's cousins. But it'll be a real vacation, full of skiing, snowmobiling, sledding, board games, and the like. Both of Paul's parents are flying out for the event, which is a rarity since traveling with Daniel is difficult, so we are glad to be spoiled by them bringing him along. So happy President's Day to everyone!

Wait...I almost forgot Valentine's Day. Since we are leaving tonight for Preston, our Valentine's day will be pretty calm...I must say that leftovers are awesome - it's clean-out-the-fridge-before-vacation night at our house! How romantic...we'll be sure to light some candles.

Here are some highlights of our outing on Tuesday...we will miss skiing in Utah!

Am I really ready to live in FLAT Lubbock?

Probably not.


Anderson annotations said...


Hi! I loved your blog. And what a beautiful daughter. Congratulations on med school. That will be wonderful. Living in flat areas really aren't that bad. Course, we still really miss the mountains. Michigan isn't the most mountainous place but oh well, we still love it.

Karli said...

how was your long weekend? Did you get to do all the fun stuff you wanted? Hattie is darling! Such a cute little family. I can't believe all the stuff you're doing in life! congrats-you were always such a great achiever. so proud of you! glad we touched base again...