Wednesday, February 20, 2008

SnowFest Report

I think this video captures the essence of SnowFest...doing dumb stuff in the snow...and this was even before we got to Preston! Here's the link if you can't see YouTube.

I can't believe Christina starts walking AWAY from the cement when she gets up! Too funny. We had a great time, apart from Hattie not sleeping very well, but that's expected when traveling I have found. We had a good time snowmobiling, but I gave up quickly since I kept getting stuck and of course needed help digging out my machine while breathing in way too much exhaust. Sledding was probably the highlight...making strange formations of flying V's and pyramids as we sled down Uncle Kurt's ultimate sledding hill. We were surprised there were no broken bones and trips to the emergency room. And of course, just spending time talking and playing games as usual. Paul and I are sad that this will probably be our last SnowFest for a few years :(

One evening we stayed up late for another SnowFest tradition of "Whatcha Got Chocolate Ice Cream". Everyone brings an 'oblation' - any sort of chocolate they have lying around the house - and we melt it all together and make homemade chocolate ice cream. Some years definitely turn out better than other years, you can imagine. Last year, I think we mixed Butterfingers and Milky Ways....NOT very good. But this year, it wasn't too bad. We had M&M's, hot fudge, cinnamon, and Hershey's. It was a little less creative - probably why it was more successful! I doubt Dreyer's will be adding it to their menu, but it was at least edible.

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Laura Bernard said...

Thanks for the link just for me! :) Interesting, though, after I saw it in YouTube, then came back to your blog to comment, then the video was there. Strange.

Sounds like a lot of fun! Christine looked pretty crazy! Why did it take her so long to get out of the snow? She must have been freezing!

No more talk of a trip out there. I don't think it's going to happen unless I go on my own with some other assistance.