Saturday, August 16, 2008


I love the Olympics. And we don't have a TV.

In 2004, I was in Chile on my mission, with only two weeks before I came home. All the Chileans were talking about them, especially since a Chilean won a tennis gold. I was sad to miss them.

In 2006, we found ourselves recently married and without a TV. I would try to catch a few events here and there on campus, or at the old folks home where we visited. But I missed watching NBC every night like I did growing up.

So this year, knowing we didn't have a TV, I resigned myself to not being able to watch any of them. Then, because our AC went out, we stayed at a hotel for two nights. I got spoiled. The addiction came back. Once back at our house, although grateful for the AC, I missed the TV! We almost rented one, until I realized that I could just go to the gym at night to watch while I exercised. So on the night of the women's gymnastics final, I rode a bike for just under three hours, going 35 miles total. I went at a nice slow pace that I knew that I could maintain that long. Gratefully the competition ended just minutes before the gym midnight! So the next day I was exhausted and could barely walk. Good thing USA won, or else I would have been bitter!

I went another time and sat in the dressing room for an hour after exercising, watching a few final swims. Too bad the gym closes early on Saturday nights. How will I motivate myself to exercise once they are over?


Jess said...

I completely understand the Olympics addiction. Barrett thinks I'm crazy. I definitely haven't gotten enough sleep this week!

Steven and Erika said...

HAHAHA! I love it! thats a fantastic idea! I tjink I will do that too....i could use 3 hours on a bike!

kerri d said...

You show amazing ingenuity! And stamina. Wow. The one time we've bothered to try to tune in NBC with our rabbit ears, it was the stupid women's marathon!! Don't get me wrong, that's a worthwhile event & all, it's just that it's kind of boring to watch until the end.

Oh, and congrats on the A/C and good luck on the house!!