Friday, August 22, 2008

Utah and Texas

At the bike shop yesterday, I heard about a triathlon here at Texas Tech. I was getting excited to sign up, when I discovered that the race was on a Sunday. That experience inspired the following list.

What we miss about Utah:
- mountains and the outdoors

- races and other events are usually on Saturday
- having lunch with Shannon, Miranda, Kristin, Lindsay, Barb, and others.
- air conditioning the works (ours broke AGAIN)
- Sunday dinners with Aaron, Tandy, and Michael

- having Robyn, Josiah, and Rebekah upstairs to visit when I need company
- friends to play games with
- P.F. Chang's
- there aren't Christian Rock stations on every other radio station

In fairness to Texas, I made this list.

What we love about Texas:
- no more bad Utah drivers
- my in-laws can be here in 3 hours from Dallas, door to door
- cool clouds and thunderstorms

- our Bodyworks memberships (that's my only link to the Olympics and tv)
- gas is only $3.45
- Blue Bell Ice Cream

- service roads
- Texas pride
- Orlando's Italian Food
- super friendly people


Jess said...

Love this post. I can totally relate :) I miss and love Idaho, but I've also grown to love Texas. Although, I think MANY Dallas drivers are terrible...especially if there is ANY kind of a weather issue that day, even if it's just drizzling rain. Also, I don't think Blue Bell ice cream is good at all! Seriously. I don't know what everyone sees in it! I would take Dreyers or Ben and Jerry's any day. I definitely miss having mountains close by. Anyway, hope you're settling in, and that you'll get out of our crusty apartment soon! Love ya

Jared and Miranda said...

Hey- my name made your blog! haha... I feel so popular :) Anyways- love the list. That's kind of what I did for our move to Cleveland... and I really hear ya on some of those things- gas being cheaper out here is a huge plus, but christian rock stations is not- so funny you commented on the same thing! Anyway... take care. I hope you have your little necklass package!

Steven and Erika said...

Wow thats a cool picture! Yes I miss the cool thunderstorms from Texas and definetly the blue bell and i have never had the candy jar flavor or chocolate extreme...YUM! I really miss utah too though! I miss being closer to family and I miss the mountains! We have a sorry excuse for mountains out here but they are pretty so I am satisfied!

The Better Idiot said...

Hermana Iverson!

Como estai, loca?

I don't know if you remember, but there was a girl I was writing while in the MTC, she went on a mission of her own to Russia before I got back from Chile. Anyway, we finally found each other again this last week after some 41 months!

Hope all is well in Texas. Happy mopping.