Saturday, August 2, 2008

Life in Lubbock

Alas, we are in Lubbock! We don’t have internet at our apartment, so blogging may be sparse for the next few weeks.

The drive from Utah was long, with Hattie in the backseat and our bikes on the back. We had to stop to feed and entertain her and adjust the bikes. We got to Dallas and stayed a few weeks. With all traveling Hattie has had sleeping problems so we cherished any naps she could get.

We arrived in Lubbock on Monday night. Paul’s sister Christina came along to help out. We signed a 6 month lease at an apartment complex. Of course, the internet made it look way nicer than it is. We thought it looked like a cheap motel at first. There is no internet, the water shuts off occasionally, there is a huge gap in the front door, most of the people who live here are undergrads (undergrads = beer and parties), and the neighborhood looks questionable. So we haven’t unpacked anything besides clothes. We are living off plastic plates and silverware and bought some cheap pots and pans. While Paul has been off at orientation all week, I’ve been house hunting like crazy. We hope to find something soon so that we can get out of this dump.

Since we got here, Hattie has taken to putting large things in her mouth and crawling around like it’s a pacifier or something. Here are two of my favorites.

I’ll add more later when I can get to the internet again.


LadyCarma said...

I feel your pain! Good luck in finding a nicer place to live. Next time you are in Dallas/Denton, give me a call and I will drive to see you.

Hattie has really grown bigger. What a doll! Check out my blog for what I did, with Len's help, to my kitchen.

Laura Bernard said...

Oh, so sorry it turned out to be a dump! Good luck getting Hattie on a better sleep routine and soon! I need to call you!!!

Mana said...

For some reason i didnt quite click that you were in lubbock. we have two good friends there from our branch when we were in auburn. im SURE you will meet them. they are austin and cristina houghtaling, and rob and becky porter. maybe they can help suggest some places? either way, good luck finding something :)

Erin and Spencer said...

oh! I am sad that you are really gone! Im sure you will find an apartment soon! I know exaclty what you are going through living in a not-so-great place! We miss you!

abbeybean said...

Thats funny.... we seem to be in just about the same boat! Good luck with house hunting, I know how fun but so NOT fun it can be! If you haven't seen my blog, feel free to compare our wonderful and hopefully temporary living situation!