Monday, November 10, 2008


I find that when life is calm and I have nothing to blog about, I don't follow anyone's blog. When I logged in to Google Reader today, I had 180+ new posts to read. So you know where I'll be during Hattie's naps over the next few days.

Since our life has been pretty mellow lately, I'd like to share a few highlights from my sister Laura's blog, specifically about her 5-year old daughter Grace. She has some fantastic quotes.

1. During our dinner prayer just moments ago Grace humored us with this one. "Bless the people to be safe in their bathtubs while the floods are coming." Yea, confusing her severe weather survival skills!

2. Aaron returned home from Mexico today bearing gifts. Dresses for the girls, sandals for the babies, jewelry for me and a whip for James. While we were still relishing in the new treasures and slowly untangling the whip, we overheard Grace say, "When I grow up I want to be a Mexican whipper so I can whip all the horses."

3. Last night during family scriptures we were discussing the commandment to keep the Sabbath day holy. Somehow we got debating whether Sunday was the first or last day of the week. To redirect us, Aaron clarified that really it doesn't matter what day it actually is as long as we set aside a day to rest and worship our Heavenly Father. I proceeded to explain that when I lived in Jerusalem we had our Sabbath on Saturday since the Jews observe that day as their Sabbath. Grace then asked, with sheer astonishment, "You were a Jew?"

4. Grace is watching Scooby Doo this morning. She just came over and said to me, "I like Scooby Doo because it has violence." When I asked if she knew what violence meant she responded, "Killing." Great . . . this is from the girl who wants to be a Mexican horse whipper.

5. Grace charmed us with a few funnies last week. Grace's teacher let me know there had been an incident at school one day. During the ride home we were discussing her bad choice when she piped up with, "But taking the Lord's name in Spain, that is super bad!"

6. Aaron worked from home one day and the three of us were eating lunch together. Aaron asked Grace, "What would you do without a mama?" To which she responded, "I'd find myself a great mechanic!"

We love you Grace!


Karli said...

Those are too funny! I especially loved the violence one...hmm! (: She looks a little like you and a lot like her mama in that picture! She's a cutie. Glad you have been having some relaxing down time after your hectic moves, etc.

Steven and Erika said...

Oh those had me laughing. Tell Laura thanks for that :) You gotta love what kids come up with...mexican horse whipper...HAHA!

Erin and Spencer said...

Melanie, do you remember Guillermo from Head Start? I ran into him today, he came into where I work...It was really funny. What a good guy he is!

LadyCarma said...

I forsee a comedy future for Miss Grace. What a witty mind she has at such a young age. The comments she has made are so funny, so off the wall, it is amazing.

Thanks for reminding me of her wit!

Laura Bernard said...

How honored I feel . . . my daughter chosen to fill your boring blog! : )

Maybe I should just tell you about all the posts I have been meaning to write and you can add them to my blog for me. Yea, first day of school pictures are still waiting, Halloween, and many more. Someday . . .