Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our house

Finally some pictures of our house. Enjoy.

We love all the windows in our house...we never turn the lights on during the day.

We don't have a dining table yet, so the bar is wonderful.

We finally have enough cupboard space.

We love all the high ceilings too.

Our box spring broke in the moving truck and we haven't bothered replacing it since Hattie likes to crawl on and off.

View from the master into the family room and bathroom

Hattie's messy room

The study/sewing room/spare room


Heather said...

Looks gorgeous - I'm definitely a fan of the high ceilings and beautiful window light.

kerri d said...

Thank you thank you! It's so nice to be able to picture you in your home. And what a beautiful home it is, too! Oh to have a study/sewing/spare room! Enjoy that while your family is small :)
Great kitchen & I love the neutral-but-not-white wall paint!

Eden said...

Beautiful home Melanie...makes me anxious for one of my own!!! Can't wait to see you too in a few months!

LadyCarma said...

Nice photos of your castle. It looks very comfortable and lovely. You give it just the right touch. Thanks for posting the pictures so I can picture you in your new house.

Laura Bernard said...

Looks so fresh and new! It's not brand new, right? Nice appliances and love the natural light. Thanks for the pics.

Nancy and Spencer said...

Are you KIDDING me?? Oh to live in Texas where you can live in a beautiful home for much less. For that reason, I wish i were in Texas. Jealous, yep, that's me!

Kelly O. said...

I LOVE the white cupboards and mantle though I'm sure they're not fun to clean! It looks so clean and bright like Edelweiss!