Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Hattie and I got home from Virginia on and stories will come soon. But today I'd just like to write about my thoughts on coming home after being gone 11 days.

- Hats off to any single parents out there. After so long being on my own with her, it's been so nice having Paul to help me care for Hattie...just doing the basics of bathing, feeding, and changing. Of course my friends helped out while we were on the road, but it's different than when it's her own father.

- I love my husband so much. I don't usually express my love and appreciation for him in such a public place, but I am grateful to have a husband who cares so much for me and who is so compatible with me.

- There's something to be said for home. Even though Lubbock is certainly less beautiful than Richmond, Washington DC, and Dallas, it is the place that I want to be the most.

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Peterson's said...

Im so glad that you had fun! Just wait till you leave Hattie with Paul and he will need you 10x more! I can't wait to hear how it went and see pictures.
Sorry I've had a crazy busy week, it'll settle down a little more after tomorrow night. But I did see that you called! We have your kitchen aid, and I'll call you later, probably friday!