Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our little 2 year old!

Happy 2nd birthday Miss Hattie!

Taken when she was 1 day old

Snuggling noses with Uncle Michael, a few weeks old

Her first grins, about two months old

3 month photo shoot...I love these picture...thanks Tandy!

7 months old

Her 1st in our dumpy apartment in Lubbock

Opening the Gator from Grandma Dame...thanks Mom!

A new little pony from Keira

Modeling...this will be her Halloween costume too, without Tinkerbell of course

We had her party first thing this morning since Paul had to head off to study. She would open up one present, look at it, and quickly toss it aside to open the next one. Finally when they were all out of their wrapping paper she took the time to actually see what she got. I made her the tutu, thanks to Chelsea's help, beaded the necklace, and knitted her the boa. Paul made her some French toast, but she was more interested in watching "Cars." By the way, Laura, when she first saw it, she said, "Anson!" You can see Hattie has many interests: dressing up, trains, cars, and recently, pajamas.

I love how she is afraid of the fire at first!

Since Paul is studying all day, her friends Callie, Brooklyn and Juliet came over and swam in our little pool. They had such a ball...for about 20 minutes, then they all wanted out. But they loved the cupcakes, or better said, the frosting.

This is how she sings Happy Birthday...and she has been singing it all day. Thanks Lindsay for the cute dress up stuff...she loves it!


Sharee said...

Glad you had a happy birthday, Hattie. Sophie, Paul and Claire loved seeing seeing you. I LOVE the singing!

Iverson Family said...

Glad she liked the princess/dress up stuff! Thanks for having us over today to help celebrate her birthday! Thanks for including us and making us feel so welcome! It has been so nice:)Happy Happy birhtday Hattie!

Tandy said...

love that video of her singing! so cute! happy birthday, patters!

Laura Bernard said...

Okay, those Tinkerbell jammies shout out "summer!" to me! Total moment of flashback to that belly running around all summer! I miss you Hattie! Happy Birthday to the big girl! May you all enjoy Cars as much as we do!

rynearsonfamily said...

Melanie, You have such a beautiful family! So good to hear that your baby is doing well and that everyone is adjusting nicely.