Tuesday, September 15, 2009


That's one name that Hattie has for Anna. They really are cute together. Hattie loves to pat Anna on the head, and hasn't been violent at all...well, she has only hit her on purpose once! I love to watch Hattie interact with her, and try to snap a shot whenever I can.

(Thanks Jessie for the beautiful quilt!)
(And Anna may gain a Buddha belly to rival Hattie's)

Hattie was pretty upset when we took Anna out. And, by the way, that is the face Hattie makes when asked to smile.


Shannon said...

Cute girls Melanie! I love Hattie's smile face! (And that quilt - mamma mia, I love it!). I'm glad all is well with you guys. Love ya!

Steven and Erika said...

I love that last photo...you look beautiful and its just super cute of Hattie and Anna! What fun to have two girls so close! Keira is just now getting the hang of smiling while opening her eyes...it must take some serious coordination that must be developed! I have many photos of KEira's squinty phase! Great posts...looking forward to the "NEW DO" blog!

lin said...