Monday, September 21, 2009

Wedding bells

Paul's brother Michael married Julia on August 20th. Sadly Paul couldn't make it, but everyone else in the family was there.

My mom came to Utah with me to help handle the two kids

The happy couple

Aunt Tandy and cousin Nora

Hattie all dressed up for the reception

But this is how she spent the evening...shoeless and bowless

Anna spent the evening in Grandma Jessie's arms

My girls with their grandma

Hattie enjoyed wandering around the lawn...

and following Keira around

Cake time

My amazing in-laws: Christina, Erika, and Jessie

The next day we hung out at Scera Water Park

Daniel loved the waterfall

Anna with both grandmas


Karli said...

such fun pictures! That wedding dress is one of the cutest I've ever seen...almost makes me want to make another one just for pictures! Super cute.

Those two girls are so dang cute! I love that tiny little Anna & sweet Hattie-such cute bows!

Steven and Erika said...

Sweet Holy bananas Batman...a photo of me in a bathing suit...yeesh!
That was a fun fast weekend but we did miss Paul much! And...what an amazing mother dear you have...I even miss her :) If you, Tandy or Teener can't come help with the next kid then i am recruiting your ma! It was fun to talk with her after all these years.

Tandy said...

that is a GREAT shot of daniel and steven under the waterfall!
fun pics, melanie!

Shannon said...

Michael's married! It looks like it was a great event.

Laura Bernard said...

Totally agree on the wedding dress. So cute and original. And I prefer Hattie bowless and shoeless, just seems more like the Hattie I know. Looked like a beautiful reception. So glad mom could tote along and make it more pleasant for you.

Jessie said...

I agree, thank goodness for Grandma Dame!
You and Paul just make super cute girls! And I also love Hattie without shoes and bows, it is more her!
She is super fun and busy and silly, lots of great energy too!
Thanks for the pictures!

Sharee said...

I loved the white dresses on the little girls, so cute.