Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fun around the house

Since having the house under contract, the kids and I had a lot more time to enjoy together. They were thrilled not to be loaded in the van every other day and spend hours driving around Milwaukee. So here are some pictures of the last month...
 The girls have started piling pillows around Niels and calling it his house.
 Frozen custard is a big Wisconsin thing. Every restaurant makes it's own custard (either that or they brew their own beer!). Anna of course loves it, but to be honest, Sheridan's is better!
 We've started exploring some local museums.
 Nothing is quite so nice as when Anna puts herself down for a nap.
 Gratefully, Niels loves being pushed around.

 We built a lot of forts last month.
 And the girls like to have photo shoots with their stuffed animals.

 Laundry baskets make the best train cars.
And Anna is converting to a Packers fan!

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