Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween 2012

You are probably wondering why I am posting about Halloween on October 29th. Well, up here in Wisconsin (at least Milwaukee) they do things differently. Every town, excepting two, does trick or treating on the Sunday before Halloween. And they do nothing on the actual Halloween night. Go figure. It makes no sense to me! Our neighborhood actually had a block party on Saturday with trick or treating beforehand, so we got to do ours really early.

Anyone know who they are before scrolling down?

Hattie wanted her braids to flip out just like Doc McStuffins, so we had fun playing with wire to make it work.

And most people thought Anna was a bunny. She was quick to correct them that she was Lamby (which she pronounces 'yammy.")

Obviously Niels isn't blue like the real Stuffy, but the costume was free.
 It was about 39 degrees halfway through trick or treating. Hattie was freezing while Anna was nice and toasty in that fluffy costume. So we stopped back by the house to get a coat and mittens, and snatch some pictures with Niels.

Paul and I meant to go as Chilly (the snowman) and Hallie (the hippo nurse) but when I lost the eBay bid on the perfect candy striper uniform, I gave up, not wanting to sew one myself. Maybe next year we will finally all coordinate our costumes.
Gratefully our ward Halloween party was right after the neighborhood block party, so we only had to get dressed up once this year :)


Chelsea said...

they are cute but I must say I have no clue what that show is!

The Bostons said...

I love your costumes! They are great and I knew just who they were! (our family made Jake and the Pirate costumes for pirate day last month.) kids love that stuff!
Maralee Boston

Iverson Family said...

I totally knew what the costumes were. VERY cute!!!
And your family picture at the top is a knock out!!!

Steven and Erika said...

Niels has got to be one of my favorite babies.....he makes an awesome cute chubby cute and really cute ...I just can't stop smiling when I see pics of him. Fun cute Halloween kids!
Christina was wondering why you wanted a "candy stripper" costume. She was appalled until I corrected her that it was "candy striper". ..funny what one p can do to a word! Hahahaha. Maybe the candy stripper was just for the adult block party! Haha

Laura Bernard said...

Super cute!! Glad to know Iowa isn't the only crazy state around that messes with Halloween. Unfortunately, we seem to still manage to celebrate it four times, although none will be on actual Halloween! Love those cute kiddos!