Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How is she five?

Since we closed on our house only 2 days before Hattie's birthday, she didn't get quite as much celebration as she hoped. We were busy packing and moving, and while we still did plenty of fun stuff, she told me that "on a somone's birthday they get to do everything they want to do...not pack stuff!" The morning started with presents...knowing that Paul would likely work til 6:00, I didn't want her to wait all day to open her gifts, especially since we had packed up every single toy in the house and the girls were bored. This girl is spoiled! 

Thanks Erika, Mom, and Laura for the gifts! We did go to the park and eat at Red Robin, so the day wasn't entirely filled with work.

It's hard to believe that she is five already. Since Niels looks so much like her, I often have flashbacks to when she was a baby...when she was 10 months old we bought our house in Lubbock and now, when Niels is 8 months old, we bought our house here. It is crazy to look at her life and see how much has changed in the last 5 years.

Things I love about Hattie:
- She loves to sing. She is always singing a song as she plays or wanders around the house.
- She inherited my curly hair.
- She is very good at saying 'excuse me' before interrupting...it is now to the point that she says excuse me before saying anything to anyone!
- She can make the cheesiest grin.
- She has an amazing memory. She will remember details of events that happened over a year ago - things that I don't necessarily remind her of.
- Recently she has been asking me what everything means...words like uncouth, insulting, and divert...words that she hears from Paul and me or from television.
- She is very tenderhearted. She doesn't like to see anyone upset. And whenever she sees me crying, she tears up too!
- She is a socialite. She is always asking me when her friends can come over. Now that we are in Milwaukee, she is always asking me when we are going to see our friends in Texas. She truly misses them and remembers them.
- Whenever she comes to ask me for something and forgets what it was that she wanted, she'll just say, "Mom, I love you!" and run off again.
- She could eat bean burritos for every meal if I let her. And eat 10 Smarties per day.
- When I ask her if she wants to go to school, she says no, because she loves me so much that she would rather be with me all day.
- She is very helpful with Niels, playing peek-a-boo with him or singing to him whenever he cries.
- She loves taking pictures of herself.

Happy birthday Hatters!


Jared, Miranda and Max said...

Such a cute post! And an adorable 5 year-old. I've been meaning to email and ask how things went with the close and the new house. I know you probably had to shop around more than you would have liked. Hope you love it!!!

Cox Family said...

We sure miss you guys! I hope Hattie had a great birthday and you need to post pictures of your house!