Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Annual trip to Oregon: Anna's birthday

While my kids are young, I love having their birthdays at Grandma's house. That way they get a party with nearly 30 guests, but I don't have to plan too much or send out invitations. Just a house full of cousins. Anna felt like the star all day. I can't believe it was four years ago that she came 6 weeks early while visiting Grandma's house. She was so tiny then, and is such a big girl now.
All she really wanted for her party was a pinata. And boy, she got a pinata! This thing was huge, and pretty cheap. She loved it.
She helped decorate the cake...I think you can guess which Reese's pieces she added.
Hattie was pretty distraught that I didn't get any party hats for Anna's big day, so with Hattie's creativity, and my mom's skills, they made hats for those who wanted them.
We got all the cousins lined up in a row - minus the Castletons who were back in AZ :(. We kept Niels out til the last minute and added babies in strollers at the end.

Even Niels took a turn.
Anna really knows how to ham it up. When she opened the Stuffie from Hattie (the one gift she consistently asked for), she pulled this face:
Noticing the reaction that she got from everyone, she continued to exaggerate her excitement with each following gift. Notice her gigantic eyes:

By the end, we weren't laughing at her as much but she still continued to nearly go into shock with every present.

For another game, we played Don't Eat Pete...it'll be a new favorite at our house.
Hattie wrote this card for Anna...but it uploaded sideways...lean to the right and you'll read: "Birthdays come but you are sweeter Anna." I love my tender-hearted, loving Hattie!
Anna really is such a hoot. She has so much personality. She makes everyone laugh. She has gigantic big eyes. She has such a funny way of talking that we love (although now we are going to take her to a speech therapist). She always wants to snuggle first thing in the morning before anything else. She truly enjoys playing with Niels. And she and Hattie create all kinds of worlds together. She is a marvelous second child who really makes us so happy. We love you Anna!

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