Friday, August 23, 2013

Annual visit to Oregon: down-time at G&G's house

Each summer I make a trip back to my hometown in Oregon. Last year I stayed for about 8 weeks, which was certainly too long. We were in the middle of moving across the country, so it was necessary. This year I struggled to know how long to stay - vacation is great, but caring for kids without a spouse gets exhausted, so our trip was just over 2 weeks. We drove 60 miles south to the Chicago airport in order to have a direct flight to Boise. With this adorable monster, I knew the shorter time he had to sit on my lap, the better. He doesn't hold still for anything. As luck would have it, the flight had a few empty seats, so he got his own chair. I still fed him pretty much the whole flight. And even with Dramamine laced juice, he wouldn't doze off, even though he would snuggle his blanket on the floor and rub his eyes.
The girls had their own party on the other side of the aisle. iPad, tons of snacks, and a surprise gift kept them happy so I could devote all my energy to Niels.
 But it was no surprise that during the hour long drive from the airport to my parents' house, this happened:
After a few days at my parents house in Oregon, we drove 2 hours to McCall, Idaho, my favorite place on earth. I've spent many summers and winters up here and it really is my 2nd home. I could only stay for 2 days, but it was so worth it.
 Of course we stopped at Ice Cream Alley with the Easton cousins
 And played on the perfect beach
 We were then back in Ontario to spend a few days with the Castletons before they headed back home. Cousin Reed is only 3 months older than Niels, and they sort of became friends. At least they shared food rather well.
 We spent tons of time in the pool. I'm determined to get Hattie swimming next summer!
After the Castletons left, I had a few days with just me and my kids at G & G's house. It was nice to have a few days to ourselves before more family arrived (and before disaster to follow). And my dear friend Kristina, who used to live in Lubbock, recently moved to Boise! I'm so thrilled I'll be able to see her every summer :)
 And Hattie saw her her buddy Juliet. The visit sure made me miss Texas all over again.
 More fun and Grandma's house...
 My dad bought the girls a bird house which they LOVED painting. They are both so crafty, unlike their mother.

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