Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Some down time at home

After two weeks living out of suitcases, we were ready for a few weeks a home. (I should say 13 days, because that's all it was before the kids and I took off again.)
 My girls are wimps, wearing gloves with icee pops.
 Our basement was finished when we came home from Iowa! We've slowly been moving stuff around down there...I'll post more pics later of it furnished, and my awesome closets! (I love organizing...what can I say?) And the kids enjoyed running around with the Elders...
 We went to the 4th of July parade with our friends the Keddingtons and Linfords. The girls definitely knew how to chase after the candy.
 The little boys mostly sat on the sidelines.

 Yup, he's folded in half. I just love fun ways kids sleep.
 And Hattie, who never naps, fell asleep one night at 5:30, after not feeling so great all day. These rare moments I also feel compelled to photograph.
We took this the last night before the kids and I left Paul alone for a week. They love to watch him play iPad games. Funny that is how they wanted to spend their last night with Dad!

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