Monday, February 5, 2018

This and That - January Part 2

January was a good month in many ways despite still not having a job lined up for July.
Hattie, Anna, and Niels started taking a weekly science class at our local science museum. While they get to do experiments for an hour every week, I get to hang out with Erik and Anders. It's a bit odd temporarily only having two little kids. I know that if I sent my kids to public school, this wouldn't be such a novelty, but for me, spending an hour following Anders around, doing whatever he wants, has be delightful.

Niels built a tin foil boat on his first week. I still can't get him to keep his tongue in his mouth when he is concentrating.
When learning about groundwater in our geology class, Hattie constructed her own aquifer from clay, sand, dirt, and pebbles.
The boys still wake up around 6:00 every day. When the interrupt my scripture time, I make them snuggle on the floor while they wait for me.
This month we had an amazing homeschool activity, where we discussed the book The Secret Garden. My friend Michelle hosted a fabulous activity, with a good discussion, a scavenger hunt, planting mini gardens, and an Indian/British feast.

This was just too funny when Erik got stuck on her barstools.

The three big kids and I went to see a little play downtown, How I Became a Pirate. I think Niels favorite part was the bus ride from the parking lot to the theatre.

And we finally made it to the zoo! We have a pass that gets us into the zoo, aquarium, and botanical gardens, and we finally checked the zoo off the to-see list.

We've been pretty good at keeping up our regular date nights. Paul's work doesn't let it happen every weekend, but we continue to venture out to new restaurants almost every week. We wish we had the Keddingtons close by again so we could order double the food! We still almost always get three desserts though ;)

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