Monday, October 13, 2008

Growing up

There are lots of things to post about, since I've been behind lately. Most of my time has been gobbled up by getting settled in our new place. We are essentially moved in. We just lack a little furniture and a few pictures still need to be hung on the walls. You might wonder why it took so long to finish moving in, but I did go to Dallas for a week. Here are some highlights of Dallas and our new house:

Her new favorite spot at Grandma's - she's obsessed with stuffed animals

Both Paul and Hattie celebrated their birthdays in September, so my in-laws threw a belated party for them

Hattie has been a ton of fun lately. She has started to play by herself really well. And she has taken her first steps! Nothing consistent, and we can never catch it on video since we need a cameraman. She also loves books now, particularly her animal book. She'll take it to bed with her and in the morning we'll find her perusing through it.

Hattie's face is the best at the very beginning of this clip, just as it starts - a classic grin

The reason I went to Dallas was to take care of my brother-in-law Daniel. Daniel is 17 and needs constant care. With mental retardation, autism, frequent seizures, and diabetes, he can be a handful. He has the mind of a 14-month old baby, who can walk, but depends on his family for everything else. My mother-in-law was in Utah for the week helping out with a new grandchild, so I was there to watch Daniel in the afternoons when he came home from school. It was only for a few days, but I loved being able to care for him - taking his blood sugar, feeding him, giving him his insulin, and even changing his diaper. I understand more fully what it means to be an Iverson. In a way I never had before, I was able to love and care for someone without compensation or even acknowledgment from the one is was serving. And the more I take care of him, the more I love him and feel a part of the family. I am grateful for the chance to serve him and love him more.

Hattie likes to give Daniel snuggles


Jessie said...

What ever your parents did to raise you ... I would love a bottle! Thanks Reed and Linda Dame!

Melanie, you are the BEST daughter in law! Thanks so much for marrying Paul! I have never seen him more happy!

Hattie is all fun and wiggles! I love watching Paul play with her ... I find myself wondering if she's the toy!!!? :)

You are the Balm of Gilead in this family!

Thank you so much for "wanting" the experience w/Daniel, he is pretty wonderful! :) but I couldn't have gone to Springville and stay a few days with Nora, Tandy, and Aaron, without you!
You are the Whoa-man! :)

Love you XXOOxoXO, can't wait to see the new house!

Erin and Spencer said...

I am soooo happy to see you blogging again. I was beginning to wonder :) From the pictures on here, your new house looks great! Hattie has so much more hair than when I last saw her! I am sad you guys are so far, but glad you are doing so good!

Tandy said...

oh, i miss the patters! it's fun to see more and more distinct paul-ness and distinct melanie-ness in her. she's a good mix.
and congrats on the house!

Nancy and Spencer said...

You are a wonderful woman, Mel! Hattie and Paul are so blessed.

Laura Bernard said...

Such cute pics of the babe. Way to go taking the week in Dallas. Nice that Jessie could get out there. I'm sure it was VERY appreciated. Can't wait to see more pics of the house.