Friday, October 31, 2008

Hattie the Destroyer

Hattie is the official destroyer of order. As soon as she sees me folding laundry, she promptly comes to unfold it. She is constantly taking books off the bookshelves and out of baskets. When she sees me stacking her toy rings, she beelines it over to me to start taking them apart again. Tupperware is usually scattered throughout the house. So I feel like I am always cleaning up. You may suggest that I shouldn't even try to pick up after her. Well, if I don't, she gets frustrated because there is nothing else to destroy. So when she wakes up from every nap, the house has been restored to order, only for a few minutes until she attacks again.

She is also an expert Oreo eater. Observe.

She also waves goodbye at EVERYTHING. Dad gets out of the car, she waves. We leave a room, she waves. We close the fridge, she waves. But we can never catch it on camera.

Hattie also enjoys doing chores. Every morning she helps me open all the blinds in the house and at night she helps me close them. She's getting really good. She also likes watching Paul do his chores.

We also just got some of the "Signing Time" videos to learn some sign language. She loves them...or she loves the computer. Probably a combination. She dances as the music comes on and laughs when she sees the cats, dogs, and birds. Our little animal lover. But she also loves pushing the play/pause button, mute, and chapter skip button. We'll need a TV eventually if we want our computer to last!

In short, she's at a fun age.


Noelle said...

So fun! I love her face in the bath pic, she's looking a lot like you Melanie!

Noelle said...

PS. your house looks gorgeous! I love the cabinets and countertops! You must be so happy to finally be out of apartments for good!

Shannon said...

Cutest little girl ever! You sound like a very busy mommy, but that makes me so happy because I know you are doing a wonderful job at it. Love you!

Karli said...

Share pics of your house! She is a beautiful baby-such wide & expressive eyes. And, so talented! She is at a fun age and I'm glad you are enjoying and jotting everything down. We still have to get together sometime!

Erin and Spencer said...

I agree, I want to see more pictures of your new house! Hattie, is SO cute, and I love the videos!

kerri d said...

I love the baby-to-toddler stage! Charlie is an absolute blast and he has been since he was about Hattie's age. Sorry I don't comment here often enough - I love seeing her in pics & videos and hearing about your Texas life. Miss you guys!