Thursday, October 30, 2008


How would you pronounce that name in the title? You would say "Leah," right? Think again.

Paul heard a story today about a woman in Louisiana who was suing the school district because everyone pronounced her daughter's name wrong. It was spelled "Le-a". In the newspaper article about the lawsuit, the mother was quoted saying, "The dash ain't silent!" That's right folks. Her name was pronounced "La-dash-a."


Laura Bernard said...

Only in the South!

Not only for a story like that, but also a name like Ladasha.

Awesome! Thanks for the smile!

LadyCarma said...

Having spent some time in the state of Louisiana in 2007, it sounds like something they would say and do. One day while Steve and I were in Madisonville, LA, I called a store to see about buying a boat dock ladder. The woman on the phone kept calling me "heart", similar to the Texas "honey." I thought it was funny.