Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thursday Night Football

On Wednesday, I was all geared up for yet another trip to Dallas...eventually I'll stay home for a month at a time, but this time my parents were here for some business and the BYU vs. TCU game today. My flight was set to leave at 12:30, but due to a hydrolics problem, they said it would be 4 hours late. So we went back home (after being there for about 2 hours already) so that Hattie could get her afternoon nap. We went back at 4:00, since it was supposed to take off at 4:30. But they said NOTHING for another hour and a half. Finally at 5:30, they said announced that they would be able to fit all of the remaining passengers on the 6:30 flight. So 6 hours after we were supposed to take off, we were finally on our way. The worst part was the hour and a half when the attendants wouldn't tell us anything, even though it had been over the 4 hour limit. Grrr. Without that midday nap, the day would have truly been a nightmare.

But Hattie did pretty well. She's the next Bobby Fisher, I'd say. We start 'em young at our house.

Sadly the game was very disappointing. I won't go into details, but it was still fun to be at an away game. There were a lot of BYU fans there.

Dad, Mom, and I with Aunt Carma and Uncle Steve


Laura Bernard said...

Sorry about the annoying travel, but I don't feel that bad because you got to see mom and dad and take a trip!

Hope you enjoyed it! Hattie is looking so big and old now! I couldn't hear the video because I'm on our computer that doesn't have the speakers hooked up, but I'm sure it's even cuter with the sound!

Jared and Miranda said...

you got to go to the game?! no way! jared totally wanted to ditch school for a day and fly down. ha! it really is the closest game to us :) after watching it though, he was glad he never made actually going more of a reality. sad huh? oh well... hattie looks super cute with those leaves :)

Erin and Spencer said...

That was a dissapointing game! Spencer is going to be so jealous when he finds out you went!