Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Pub Maze Trap

St. Patrick's Day came again! And lucky for us, we had Daniel and Christina (Paul's siblings) here to help us build a trap to catch the leprechauns. Like last year we documented our trap-building with step-by-step photos.

We found these wigs and hats at Wal-Mart. They're now part of the St. Paddy's day tradition.

Covering the trap with green paper, thus luring the leprechauns to our trap

Christina working on the artwork that would decorate the halls of our maze

Paul built the stairs leading up to the maze/trap

Working on the outer wall of the maze with the trap door in the middle...think "Tri Wizard Tournament"

The stairs are in place

More of the walls are going up

My new green braids

Doesn't he look handsome?

We dangled the keg right above the trap door, hoping to catch them and their leprechaun gold

The finished product: Our Pub Maze, tantalizing the leprechauns to enter and find the keg found in the middle

All that green has to entice the leprechauns this year

The leprechaun hunters

Sadly, we couldn't catch the leprechauns, but Hattie was pretty excited to see the trail of candy that they left

She would pick up pieces as she went and kept saying "cha-key" for chocolate

She was more into the candy than the trap...and she loved the stuffed animal her grandma sent her

Enjoying her Lucky Charms with green milk...she didn't even mind eating green bread

We wake up a little early for Christina


Jess said...

I was definitely anticipating this post :) Glad you kept the tradition going! I love it! Hope you're doing great--miss you!!!

Kristina and Brett said...

ha ha this is amazing. what a great tradition!!!

Mana said...

I love this :)

Erin and Spencer said...

I forget how much you guys love St Patricks day! It looks like so much fun! I can't believe how much Hattie has grown up!