Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Table saw = kitchen table

After much debate, research, time, and consideration, I realized that if Paul is ever going to be able to build the furniture that he would like for us, we would need a table saw. Gratefully, for Christmas Paul received most of the carpentry tools he needed to start building. But as he tried (and failed) to survive without a table saw, it became apparent that we'd need one if he was going to continue his hobby (and so that we can finally have a kitchen table!) So while I was off in Virginia, his new toy arrived. He has spent the last few weekends getting it put together, since school doesn't really allow too much spare time. We finished it up this weekend, but he hasn't tried it out yet since I made him promise to read the entire instruction manual before he start :)

(you can see the food storage shelves he built for me in the background...but right now they just have his tools and gardening stuff :)

Hattie loved being out in the garage all day helping us. She would crawl on her belly back and forth under the table saw. And she loved helping Paul turn the wheel to raise the blade. Hopefully I'll be posting pictures of our new dinner table in a few weeks!


Steven and Erika said...

YEAH! thats a fancy piece of machinery!! How the table coming along? Careful of fingers!

Jared and Miranda said...

seriously! that's an intense piece of equipment! Too bad we don't even have a wrench set yet. :( We've had kitchen chairs sitting upside down on the table waiting for the proper borrowed tools to fix them with! When we move to texas we'll have to be neighbors for sure : )