Thursday, March 12, 2009

What it's like watching movies with Hattie

I don't know why we thought this was so funny. She stayed up there for a long time watching Nemo (by the way, we haven't watched it in quite a few days since the sick episode). She loves the step stool and runs toward it whenever she sees it out.


Laura Bernard said...

Very cute. We sure can get a kick out of lots of little things, huh? They seem to be never ending at this phase of child development.

When our neighbor cat, Sammy, gave Anson a little bite, probably to get him to leave him alone, Anson came crying saying, "Sammy eating Anson. No Sammy! No eating Anson!" We still laugh at that one.

Lisa Easton said...

So cute Mel. Kates new thing is to wear her Cinderella dress everywhere we go and carry her baby doll. She talks about "Rella" all the time. Kids are so fun,

Steven and Erika said...

Is that Nemo again? That is hiliarious..her first words are going to be in whale speech!