Saturday, July 11, 2009

Time in McCall

After a week in Utah, we drove 7 hours north to McCall, Idaho, where my family shares a condo with my extended family. It was my family's turn to be there, and no one else was interested in coming up, so we took advantage. We had a few days there by ourselves; then my sister Laura, who lives in Iowa, arrived with her 6 children. The kids had fun riding Grandpa's boat into town to visit the legendary Ice Cream Alley.

Hattie was pretty excited about wearing a life jacket for the first time

And she did pretty well on the boat ride

Cousins Grace and Myra walking with Hattie

Myra, Grace, James, Paul and Hattie

Our huge banana split...but they forgot the bananas!

Hattie certainly ate her share

Hattie with of my favorite pictures

The view of the lake

Myra and Grace

Anson loved playing in the sand, but Hattie was paranoid about all the sand on her feet and preferred the swimming pool

The pictures really don't do this place justice. I grew up visiting McCall often and consider it a second home. I'm excited to share this place with Hattie.


sam and brittney said...

How beautiful!! I think some of your nieces look like you Melanie!

Peterson's said...

im surprised Hattie liked the life jacket, Callie hates those things.

Sharee said...

My fav place on earth! I can't wait to be there... and be cool! Look forward to seeing you.

Erin and Spencer said...

It was so fun to see you guys! Plus, it gave us a good excuse to overeat at PF Changs! We can't wait till you come back next year!

Kristina and Brett said...

Oh this looks soooo fun! I am totally jealous. Also I miss you a lot. It is lonely around here! I need to call Chelsea and see if I can catch her on a non busy day!