Thursday, July 9, 2009

A week in Utah

After driving through the Grand Canyon, we made our way up to Utah to spend a few days visiting friends and family. My Uncle Len was kind enough to let us stay at his house all week. Here are some highlights:

We met Paul's brother's fiance, Julia, and had a wonderful dinner at her house, followed by a rousing game of croquet. The backyard had 3 terraces, so Paul and Michael set up an intense course, ending in a long drive back up the hill we just came down.

This is how the game ended - with the three brothers playing a twisted rendition of Poison. The best part is watching Hattie play with the train in the background.

Living in Lubbock, we have really missed being near the mountains, so one day we drove the Alpine loop from American Fork Canyon to Provo Canyon. We got out for a while to hike along the trail that leads to Mt. Timpanogos peak. Of course, we didn't make it that far with Hattie, but she walked for a good chunk of the way, surprisingly.

Paul sure wished he could go to the top...maybe another year

And Paul's uncle Gregory and aunt Vikki had us over for dinner and he made some amazing burgers...carmelized onions, balsamic sauce, roasted onions, toasted buns, smoked hickory bbq sauce, bacon, cheese, roasted red peppers, was hands down the best burger we've ever eaten.

And Hattie got to play with her cousin Nora

We also had some late nights with Paul's brothers playing board games, just like the old days. And I was able to meet up with some friends who live in the valley and catch up a bit. Being back in Utah reminded us how much we missed the mountains, good restaurants, decent shopping, rock climbing, and friends and family close by.