Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The 34 week cut off

Nothing new for me or baby. We just sat around all day. The longer we are here waiting, the more we understand. So here is the current update.

I am understanding more the reason for a c-section, if it does come to that. For example, if a woman's water breaks at 25 weeks, the doctors will try to keep her pregnant until 34 weeks, even though there is a risk of infection. A baby delivered at 25 weeks will have a lot of developmental problems, and the risk of infection is less than the risk of delivering a baby at 25 weeks with developmental problems. But once a baby reaches 34 weeks, they are developed enough that they should be a relatively healthy premature baby. At that point the risk of infection outweights the risk of developmental problems. A NICU unit would prefer a baby born at 34 weeks who is not infected over an infected baby at 35 weeks. Hence the reason that they won't just let me lay here until I'm 40 weeks along. Plus, I am still leaking a little fluid and there is only about 1 centimeter of fluid surrounding her, sometimes causing her cord to get smashed between her and the uterus.

Like I said on the last post, we are hoping and praying to go into labor naturally before next Tuesday, which is the c-section cut off date. I would rather not be cut into again if I don't have to!

I figured I needed a picture of me with my belly since it has been a while. It is slightly smaller than it used to be because of the lose of fluid.

They let me shower today! It's good to be clean. And I get to order what I want to eat.

Here is Paul's bed for the next week. He certainly sleeps better than I do! And you can see his stash of candy on the floor...we need to get him on a better diet!


James Yvonne and Elise said...

Melanie, we want you guys to know that you are in our prayers. We pray that your little one will be healthy and strong. There is something to be said having family and friends support during a time like this.

Michael said...

I'm surprised that the doctors and nurses haven't croaked watching Paul eat nothing but skittles and candy bars for sustenance.

Beers said...

You are so strong! I have too MUCH fluid, I wish I could magically send the extra your way! And it sounds like our husbands share the same diet...ha ha ha!

kerri said...

That's interesting info. Glad you are handling everything so positively! We are sure going to miss you guys in McCall. Wednesday I have my midwife apt in Meridian - guess I will get to see you AND the baby girl that day too!

Julianne said...
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