Monday, August 31, 2009

Do I have to cut it...?

For the last nine months I have been growing out my hair.

It started when Melanie asked me to grow it out a little longer than my self-cut, No. 2 chop job. I liked my buzz cut. It was quick, easy, and zero-maintenance. However, after several of our friends had seen our wedding pictures and had commented about how young I looked and then asked how long we had been married (evidently expecting a response of "oh...about ten years"), I began to reconsider. Melanie heard this (and some comments that Aaron made) and decided I needed to grow my hair out longer. To be completely honest she has been dropping subtle and not-so-subtle hints that I should grow it out a bit for the last couple years. Little did she know she was about to open Pandora's Box. Now look at me...a mangy beast. She was right...growing my hair out has made me look a lot younger, and it has also resulted in a rather unexpected change of view...I really like my long hair. In fact, I love my long hair (and a lot of people have commented that it looks good). But like all good things, there must be an end. Now Melanie has begun to hint that it is time for a cut (or maybe just a trim). But instead of just getting it cut, I thought it would be fun to poll our readers (I know...a little vain). The ground rules are the following: Wife's vote = 5 points, Family votes = 2 points, Friend votes = 1 point

So here are the questions:

1. Should Paul cut his hair?

2. If YES, which style of short hair should he get?

The "Christian Bale": Yes, you say, I looked better with the buzz cut.

The "Mentalist": Melanie likes this one only because she likes the show...but honestly...I would look ridiculous with this.

The "Wolverine": Yup...the chops are part of the deal.

The "Jake Gyllenhaal": Melanie wishes I had the blue eyes to go with this one.

The "Two Face": I actually like this one but I think I look like a total goober with a never know though...

3. If NO, which style of long hair should he go for?

The "Owen Wilson": Broken nose not included.

The "Jon Bon Jovi": This is actually kinda what I am sporting right now.

The "Soundgarden": I think I would need a perm to make this one work.

The "Alexander": Greasy...but I could do it. Melanie says the goatee is not a part of this one...I agree.

Please post a comment with your votes by Saturday, September 5th and we'll post a picture of the winning "do" next week.


Shannon said...

Paul - you look like you're 16! I say go for the Jake G. haircut. Polished but not bald. That's my opinion at least!

kerri said...

Here's another vote for "the Jake".
It gives you a little length on top to play with, but nothing too hard to style like "the Mentalist" and I can't stand chops... but I guess if Melanie likes 'em then "Wolverine" gets my second-place vote.

Mike said...

I'd throw my one precious vote in on "Wolverine", but that's a touchy one. It definitely has to have Melanie's approval. So, if she votes for it, toss my my vote in too! Otherwise, I say go for the Owen Wilson shag!

Steven and Erika said...

I LOVE THIS POST! I so have been laughing my head off! and you said medical school ruined your humor! I really really like the shag look you have been pulling as of late so its hard to see you take too much off but I suppose it does need to be cleaned up. And I have enjoyed the laid back easy going paul that has seemed to come along with the long hair! My vote is mentalist or jake G. and instead of the blue eyes you can fake a cheesy grin and prune your eyebrows and you might just have it made! You don't have to wear your hair it like the mentalist if you go that route...just get a shapely cut that length and wear it in a paul way! ..not a big fan of parts so no two face but you could do owen wilson or the alexander rather nicely but maybe a bit long still. Yep...mentalist or Jake wins out here!

Steven and Erika said...


Michael said...

Awesome post! I'm going to bag the Jake G... I just don't think it'll work quite right; you could try it though. My vote is on the owen wilson all the way. However, if you decide to go short, the Christian Baile would have to have the scruffy goatee included. By the way, no parts... ever.

Jessie said...

My comments and vote can be found on the family blog ... it looks like Jake and Hugh aka Wolverine are in the lead :)

Super Funny Post!!!

I wonder with Erika ... the humor was just under the surface waiting to break free! Hurrah for the trigger ... college, growing into your own or Melanie? Maybe all of the above ...

Bless Melanie, I believe she has been your best decision ever!!! :)

Nancy and Spencer said...

I vote for Jake Gyllenhaal. I'd say the wolverine but i'm not a fan of the chops.

Peterson's said...

This is hilarious!
Shawn and I are both voting for the Christain Bale.
I say because I have never yet seen his hair even close to being this short!
Shawn says "because he is batman, and we should all following in batman's footsteps."

Laura Bernard said...

Myra was looking while I reviewed all the photos. I said she could vote. She votes "Two Face." I'll decide for me and Aaron and comment again!

Laura Bernard said...

My vote's for the Alexander. As long as you're long, you might as well live it up a bit longer. Eventually I'd try the Jake or Two Face, but get more mileage out of the length. Heck, get a perm! Mel will probably only let your hair be this long once!

I sent Aaron a link; hopefully he'll participate!

The Johnsons! said...

haha for sure the soundgarden! Perm and ALL!

Jessie said...

I wonder if these movie icons have some trimming done to their eyebrows ... it's just a thought :)

I"m still a Wolverine fan with the chops!

Last night Christina, Dad and I watched "X Men Origins" ... Wolverine is just the man!

Christina now thinks we need the comic books to fill in the gaps ... or ask Steven M. she said he's an expert! :)