Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Otter-pop girls

I've finally finished downloading, organizing, and renaming all my pictures from the summer, so over the next few days I'm going to try and catch up a bit during naptimes. Not that I expect all you readers to care about the details of my past summer, but I do it mostly for my own record keeping.

But I'll start with this little tidbit from a few days ago.

Hattie's friends Juliet and Callie came over for a swim in our inflatable pool the other day. Hattie is slowly remembering that they are her friends - the nine week break from Texas has clouded her memory. They enjoyed splashing each other, and Hattie actually stayed outside with them instead of coming to search for me. Once they left she was constantly asking for "Et" and "Ca-ee." We get together every week with Callie and Juliet, who are both very close to Hattie's age. And I get to enjoy a few hours with Chelsea and Kristina, two girls who are lifesavers here in Lubbock. I'm glad to be back where I am surrounded with wonderful friends.


Kristina and Brett said...

Adorable girls!! Glad to see this picture posted! Someday I'll find my card reader again and be able to start updating my blog. :)

Lisa Easton said...

Last night the kids started looking at blogs and Kate started saying "Attie". She seams so know that is the only place she'll see her now. We miss you. Oh and Nani says thanks for the singing. It made her cry.