Tuesday, August 11, 2009

For Paul

This post is mostly for Paul, so he can see how his little girls are doing since he's been away. Hattie certainly hasn't forgotten him. She consistently cries, "Daddy go-way?" followed by whining, "Daddy!" We are counting down the days til we see him again.

Grandpa has certainly been helpful while Dad has been gone

Whenever Hattie sees Anna's clothes, she tries them on

Hattie has learned to love the trampoline this summer

Anna accidently found her thumb! (she now weighs 5 lbs 9 oz)

Aunt Sharee cut and styled her hair...and she looks just like me when I was young

Hattie loves "helping" me with the baby. She always wants to "howld it", tickle her toes, and help me hold the bottle (twice a day I give her breast milk fortified with extra calories)


rynearsonfamily said...

What cute little girls!

Karli said...

Okay, I finally think I can really get over to see you since you're only 20 minutes away-no excuses! And, I'd love to see those two cute little girls! Does Thursday work for you? Maybe between 9 & 10 and probably closer to 10 by the time we get out of here and get going? If that works, I'll plan on stopping by around then. If later would work, I can get groceries first and stop by on the way home-whatever's best for you! You look amazing by the way!

LadyCarma said...

Thanks for sharing. My, how fast they grow! And yes, Hattie does look just like you did at that age. Uncanny! Darling little baby. That is a lot of weight for a baby in a week. Way to go!

Kristina and Brett said...

Melanie you look great! Your babies are beautiful. I can't believe Hattie with curly hair! Too cute!
We miss you and can't wait til you are back!

Jess said...

Right before I read the caption below that picture, I was thinking Hattie looks SO MUCH like you!!!! Sorry I'm a terrible friend and didn't call while you were in the hospital...I'm terrible at calling people, seriously. When do you get to come back to Texas? I'm glad you are all recovering and happy (besides being apart from Paul!!!) Ella does the same thing when Barrett is gone...constantly asking where he is and looking for him :)

U Pesci Fet d'a Testa said...

Hey Iverson girls! We are thinking of you three and we hope you are doing well! We can't wait til you are back in the land of Lubbites. Hope you are comfortable and getting enough rest. Call if you ever need someone to talk to!

Robyn said...

Anna is so beautiful! How fun to have 2 girls!

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