Monday, August 31, 2009

Iverson Rebellion 2009

Every year in Preston, Idaho is the Iverson Family Rebellion. Paul's grandparents have a nice big house for everyone to stay in...or set up tents around. Every year there is plenty of food, games, and crazy ideas. This year was no different.

For one reason or another (don't ask me...I haven't an idea) it was decided that there would be a parade, and each family would march in it. My one question was, if everyone was in the parade, who would actually watch it? Regardless, the parade was held. So Aaron and Tandy rigged up this awesome longhorn cow. And the rest of us threw ours together last minute. Can you tell Tandy is an artist? But I heard that Aaron did most of the work.

Yup, it was painted, shaded, and everything.

Here I am, the pregnant cow. I doubt this caused my water to break early.

All of the Texas Longhorns. I must say, we had the best entry in the parade, probably because Christina was the pooper scooper who shoveled all our chocolate cow droppings.

Here is Paul's mom, Jessie, with all of her granddaughters. Yes, Hattie is sporting a mustache. She accidentally drew on her mouth with a permanent marker, and Paul decided to embellish it! It was still slightly visible at church the next day.

Another part of the reunion included a fair, in which each family set up some sort of booth. All the boys took turns on the dunking booth, and I particularly like this shot of Paul.

And one of our "booths" was sumo wrestling. I didn't try my hand at certainly would have been the cause of my water breaking!

The pie eating contest was also a hit.

And, making this reunion most memorable, was the gigantic slip and slide. Don't worry - I didn't go down. And Hattie wasn't the biggest fan.

All in all, a great reunion full of board games, late night 4 square games, and good conversation. We hope we can make it next year!


sam and brittney said...

I love Hattie with the mustache. I especially love that it was visible at church the next day!

Laura Bernard said...

Looks like a total blast! That is a serious water slide! I want a turn.

We miss you. We were talking about Hattie the other day, using some of her lingo. From then on Anson kept saying, "I want some foof." All with a little smirk on his face.

Thanks for the piano book!

Jess said...

Looks like you guys had fun, leading up to your little surprise :) I love a good family reunion! We always have the huge slip and slide at our reunion too!!! I was so excited to see that :) I need your address so I can send you something. But do not expect it right away, because I am kind of a slacker. Do know it will be there within a month :)

Tandy said...

thanks, melanie! i don't have pictures of some of this stuff, so it's fun to see!
those pics of hattie's mustache are definitely keepers, huh? good times

U Pesci Fet d'a Testa said...

Great pics! I actually laughed out loud when I saw the moustached Hattie. That girl is so full of personality. Adorable! It looks BEAUTIFUL there. When Josh gets home today we will cast our vote (worth TWO points!) on Paul's next 'do.