Monday, October 5, 2009

My growing girls

Today I was brave. I took both girls in to the doctor for a check up and shots. Here's the results:

Weight: 11 lbs 8 oz - 50%...amazing considering that at 4 weeks she was in the 5%
Height: 21 inches - 5%
Head circumference: 15.5 inches - 50%...again, also amazing considering she was preemie

Weight: 31 lbs - 90%
Height: 33 inches - 25%
Head circumference - 20 inches - 95% +

So what do we learn from this? My children have huge heads, they are good eaters, and they will be short like me.

And the shots went reasonably well, although that was certainly the loudest either of them had cried in recent memory. I dread going back in another two months for Anna's next round of immunizations. And I'm sure that as soon as we walk in the door, Hattie will try to run for her life. The doctor's office is starting to equal pain!

But here is a sweet moment from last night...I love having a snuggly baby!


Steven and Erika said...

We just make girls BIG I guess! Keira is 97% everything so I suppose you can say she will be big and beauiful? haha! Cute picture of you and Anna! Thats so great she is doing so well!

Jessie said...

I Loved holding Anna every minute! She is a sweet baby to snuggle!

WhitJ said...

I love snuggly babies; I didn't have one of my own, but maybe next time.