Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stina come!!!

Last Friday my in-laws told us that Aunt Christina would be able to come out for a visit. She had fall break at her high school, and since she flies for free, it was just a quick 40 minute flight for her to come see us. When I told Hattie that Aunt Christina was coming, she wouldn't stop talking about it. She constantly said, "Stina come!" Finally Saturday came and I told Hattie that when she woke up from her nap, we would go get Christina from the airport. The minute I opened her door after nap she said, "Stina come? Stina come!!" Much to her horror, Christina's flight was delayed 2 hours, so poor Hattie had to wait, and all afternoon I had to keep consoling her, promising her that eventually Christina would come. Once Christina finally arrived, Hattie ran to give her a big hug, then quickly remembered her toys and forgot her aunt. Silly kid.

We had a great time with Christina, playing late night board games and watching movies. On Monday we went to a cool park here in Lubbock, which Christina deemed was the coolest park she had ever been to. One point for Lubbock!

She refused to slide...just wanted to crawl around!

When Christina got out of the van at the airport, Hattie started bawling...and didn't stop for about 10 minutes. And she's been asking for her ever since. She's even asked to go to Grandma's house!

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