Friday, October 2, 2009

Some random bits

Hattie's favorite place to play lately is her crib. She stands in it and asks me (very politely) to give her a train, a book, a blanket, a stuffed animal, another book, and so on. Then she passes all the toys back to me, and then asks me again to give them to her. She can play in there forever. The other day she was having such a great time that Callie had to join her.

On another random note, this picture was too funny...Hattie stretching to bounce both Anna and baby James at the same time.

And lastly we went to the South Plains Fair. Hattie adored the baby ducks and chicks,

was pretty hesitant around the petting zoo (this was as close as she would get),

and loved the lemonade.

She just discovered a seed in her drink, hence the pretty face. She and Juliet were quite content to sit and drink their lemonade all day. She was pretty interested in checking out the rides. Gratefully they were closed, but I think we'll have a hard time keeping her away from them next year.

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