Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Temples to dot the earth

Another weekend of General Conference has passed. My in-laws flew in from Dallas to spend the weekend lounging in pajamas with us. It's always wonderful to have them around. Hattie has been asking for "Stina" ever since.

I simply want to express how excited I am for another temple to be built in Chile. WhileI was there as a missionary, all of the members dreamed of when Chile would be ready for a second temple. It was one of their goals, and the dream seemed to unite all of the members from Arica in the north to Punta Arenas in the south. When President Monson stood up on Saturday morning, I said aloud to Paul, "I wonder what he's going to announce today...maybe some new temples?" As soon as he said he would announce 5 new temples, I knew that Chile would finally have its dream. Even though Concepcion wasn't in my mission, I know how much this temple will bless the people that I served in Vina. So much of what I, other missionaries, and the members worked toward is represented in this new temple. Hearing of this temple has reminded me of how much I love Chile and its people. I hope to be able to visit there again with my family someday.

Santiago Chile Temple


Jessie said...

I can remember standing with all the kids in front of this temple back in 1999, this was before Paul left for his mission ... I loved the trip! ... Especially the grave yard in Punta Arenas! The topiary was soo awesome! I LOVED it! Big tall white brick or maybe it was stone walls surrounding the whole place!
I liked the penguins too ... and standing on the straits of Magellan! I remember studying that in history when I was in elementary school so I was super excited and happy, I was living a memory! :)

I hope you and Paul with your children make that trip too!

Thanks for having us for the weekend, we had a really fun time ... none of us wanted monday to come so quickly!

Kat Curtis said...

Hooray - I found your blog! Adam saw the picture of Hattie and I said "That's Hattie" and he said "she's cute". Ha ha.

I always get so excited when they announce new temples - last time they announced one in the kansas city area, which is where I went to high school and I about died of happiness for the people there. We used to have two choices for our youth temple trips - 9 hours north to Chicago or 9 hours south to Dallas. They've since built St. Louis and Winter Quarters, but those are still both 3-4 hours away. 30 minutes will be pretty nice for them!