Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Anna Banana

Today little Anna is 6 months old. It's incredible to me that our babe has been here so long. It seems like only yesterday I was holding a little 5 pound girl at the NICU in Boise. Anyone who has seen her recently knows that there is nothing premature about her now. I'm guessing she weighs around 16 lbs.

Anna continues to be such a wonderful baby. She so snuggly, especially compared to Hattie who was always too busy to enjoy hugs. She is very sweet tempered and observant. She loves it when Hattie gives her snuggles, and doesn't cry too much when Hattie squishes her. She isn't very adventuresome...she doesn't reach for toys yet or sit up, but she loves to watch everything around her, especially Hattie.

After a strike on sleep while we were in Ontario, we were fed up (and exhausted). So about three week ago we sleep trained her. The first night we let her cry, it took about 50 minutes, but since then, she's been marvelous. Tonight she didn't make a peep. It's to the point now where when I put her to sleep, her eyes almost seem to thank me for putting her in bed. She's a marvelous sleeper again, and without a pacifier :)

But she is hard to get a good picture here are some of the best ones...happy half birthday Anna Banana!


Melissa said...

What a cutie!

Andrea said...

Once again. . .your girls are so adorable! Glad to know that my daughters aren't the only ones who take monstrous bites out of cheese!

Jessie said...

The picture of Anna on the couch reminds me so much of a picture of Paul at about her age in just that pose ... I'll have to find it! The likeness is amazing ... well minus the headbow! :)
She is growing like wildfire!
Melanie you have two sweet girls!
and I'm a happiest grandma!