Monday, January 18, 2010

Hattie speaks

Hattie has really begun to talk a lot lately, and with that, she has of course said some pretty funny things.

Last week for Family Home Evening, we talked about Joseph Smith. Today I asked Hattie, "Do you remember who Joseph Smith was?" Her eyes widened and she spoke in a whisper, "A baby!"

While we were in McCall over Christmas, Hattie was exploring the condo. When she ventured upstairs, she quickly came back down and said that it was scary. So she grabbed Paul's hand to guide her. We wondered what she found so terrifying. When they got upstairs, she pointed to a rather creepy life-size Indian carving (that I was afraid of as a kid) and said, "Scary Jesus!" I think we need to clarify that not all art of someone she doesn't know is the Savior!

Recently she showed how aware she is, even at age two. She and I went to pick up Paul's parents and brother Daniel from the airport yesterday. Daniel is autistic and has severe retardation. He is 18 years old and requires a lot of work. But Hattie loves to have him around and give him hugs. While driving, she suddenly said, "Daniel is sad. He has an ouwie." She quickly gave her remedy. "He needs a hug. He needs a nap. He needs ice cream."

I sure love my little girl, who has mastered the cheesy grin, head tilt and all.