Saturday, January 16, 2010

Highlighting my hobby

I've mentioned before that after marrying Paul, I started quilting. Paul's mom is a great quilter and got me interested. For the last three years I have given my siblings quilts for Christmas.

For Mark and Kerri, 2007

For Val and Jonny, 2008

This one has a great story. I mailed the quilt to my mother in the box our DVD player came in. She wrapped it for me and handed it over to Val and Jonny. On Christmas morning they opened it, wondering why in the world we gave them a DVD player. They were totally perplexed, since we knew that they had a DVD player. As they were cleaning up the wrapping paper and presents, they were talking about returning it to Wal-Mart when they realized that it probably didn't have a DVD player in it. Can you imagine if they had returned it to Wal-Mart? I would have died.

For Laura and Aaron, 2009

My new favorite! This one was made mostly from leftover scraps from Mark and Val's quilts, so I didn't have to buy very much fabric at all. That's one of my favorite things about can make something beautiful out of your leftover pieces that would almost seem worthless.

It's always so satisfying to complete a big project like this. Each one is more fun than the last, and each one is harder to give away! I'm working on a blanket for Anna right now that I'm really excited about...hopefully I finish it sooner than later.

And to Lisa, Spencer, and Sharee...I hope this doesn't ruin the surprise of what you'll be getting from us!


Eden said...

Those are beautiful and absolutely amazing...good job!!!

Nancy and Spencer said...

Your quilts are amazing. Puts my pathetic attempts-- with the GIANT easy squares-- to shame. :) You inspire me to try something a little more challenging.
Te quiero hermanita!

Iverson Family said...

WOW! Great work. I wish I were one of your siblings! Your talents are endless...I am jealous:)

Steven and Erika said...

HOLY BANANAS Melanie! Those are awesome!

Amanda said...

Those are beautiful quilts. Mine never look that good.

Melissa said...

I'm amazed. They are so beautiful. I always knew you were talented in the art department, but you never cease to amaze me!

Tandy said...

wow. you are seriously incredible. you should post some of your knitting, too, 'cause that scarf you made me is AMAZING.

LanaBanana said...

Those are absolutely GORGEOUS!! You are amazing!