Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Highlights from Hattie

Hattie is at a remarkably fun...and stubborn...age. She has discovered makeup.

She sits on the counter to watch me make dinner, and sneaks bites at the cheese behind my back.

She hops in the tub with her diaper and shirt still on.

She just likes the tub so much.

She loves to play dress up...whenever she sees her boa she exclaims, "Oh, my favorite!" She can generally be seen with a tutu on over her pants

She is currently obsessed with blankets. She had me lay all her blankets on her (probably about 20) and yet she kept insisting on "'Nother one please."

She is a great big sister. She gets ridiculously excited whenever Anna wakes up from a nap, running into her room to shout, "HELLO ANNA. Wake up" whenever she hears Anna make a peep. She gets right close to Anna's face to say that she loves her and that she's "so cute." Anna endures it pretty well. I'm grateful for such a fun and crazy daughter!

(As I reviewed this post for publishing, Hattie walked in and saw all the pictures of herself. She said, "Oh! Hattie's eating cheese. Crazy Hattie. So funny." At least she amuses herself.)


kmb said...

Your girls are so cute!!!

WhitJ said...

Christopher did the same thing with the cheese,Bryan turned around for a second and there was a nice chunk taken out. She is too cute!

Shannon said...

Love your recaps lately Melanie! You do such a good job at sharing the personalities of your girls. And can we just marvel at those quilts for a minute?! My goodness - now there's a talent I want to develop. Way to be Melanie. You're awesome!

Laura Bernard said...

Love the cheese eater! Hilarious! My kids have always stolen grated cheese or cheese slices but I don't know if anyone's ever taken a bite of the block. Too funny! What a riot they are at that age. Love her!

rynearsonfamily said...

Wow, Hattie sounds just like my 2 year old. You've just gotta love that age! Super cute girls you have.

Jared and Miranda said...

Lol... this was a hilarious post. Gotta love little kids.